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Why should I  install a Saltwater Pool? 
Watermaid Cómo trabaja - español
Watermaid las Instrucciones WM10 Anteriores de la Operación de Entrepaño
Watermaid Operation and Basic Maintenance Instructions WM10
Water Balance Record Sheet
ORP - Oxidation Reduction Potential?
Chlorine 'LOCK' description
Basic Watermaid System Maintenance
Basic Pool Care for Non-Saltwater Pools
Saltwater Chlorinators - Fact Sheet 1
Swimming Pool Sanitisers - Fact sheet 2
Water Balance - Fact Sheet 3
Water Quality - Fact Sheet 4
Electric Pool Heating - Fact Sheet 5
Problem Solving - Fact Sheet 6
Advantages of the Watermaid Saltwater Pool System
Bacteria in Pools
Chlorine Chemistry
Healthy Swimming
Pool User Tips
Cyanuric Acid or (Chlorine Stabiliser)
Discover the Hidden "Sanitation Problem" that all pools and Spa's have
See also - A Pool Chemical With Many Names
Company News and What's Happening
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Pool Chemical Calculator  - Chart to assist with chemical balance
Watermaid Europe S.L
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Law in Spain water quality controls - Mainly public use pools Holiday Rentals, Communal, Hotels, Leisure centres