Jolly Gel 
Create crystal-clear pool water with Jolly Gel – an advanced, low-cost flocculent tablet that boosts your swimming pool filter, ensuring removal of even the tiniest dirt particles. Simply add a cube to the pool pump strainer basket, and let Jolly Gel work its magic. This hard-working product grabs micro-fine particles, including algae spores, and holds them in your filter, ensuring totally clean healthy water with a spring-like sparkle. 

• Jolly Gel's unique formula will remove the tiniest particles of dust from pool water.
• It continues to work for up to 3 weeks.
• Jolly Gel removes algae spores.
• Reduces chlorine consumption.
• Prepares water to camera ready standards.
• No clouding or residual dust is created.
• Places a clear membrane screen across the media to a depth of some 15cm (6").
• Surrounds fine particles with a glutinous formula, sending them to the bed and flushing them away during the backwash cycle.

JOLLY GEL Flocculent
Jolly Gel flocculent was formulated for
use with sand and premium grade Zeolitic
swimming pool filter media.

It is manufactured in two sizes dependent 
on the size of the swimming pool.

For as little as 4€ per month you can keep
your pool sparkling with a camera-ready
finish..! order online now 

How to use:
To use - just place a cube in the pump strainer basket. 
The Jolly Gel slowly dissolves as the water passes over it on its journey to the filter.

The Jolly Gel places a porous, clear membrane screen over the filter media, and penetrates the bed to an average depth of some 15cm (6").

The glutinous structure will remove the finest particles of dust and algae spores, it also removes phosphates.
Phosphates are the food of Algae - No food = No Algae

JOLLY GEL™ swimming pool flocculent
                                                                          Putting the sparkle back in your swimming pool...

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