Pool Filtration
Has your Filtration media been changed in the last 5 years? - No, Filtration media such as sand requires to be changed every 4 to 6 years.
The latest filtration media is Recycled glass - lasting 5 times as long as Sand and filters much smaller particles - 
Awarded  "Best New Product" Barcelona pool show 2009

Solar Pool Covers - Best Prices
Solar pool covers for swimming pools

Jolly Gel Flocculent
For the cleanest 'Sparkling' water - Photo Ready condition!

Remote Control
The convenience of switching on your pool lights or filtration system from inside your home - or any other appliances, 
lights, gates etc.

PoolFiller - Industrial model with full spare parts back-up - Virtually Indestructable - Patented Design
Maintain the water level in your swimming pool while you are away or on holiday

Pool electrical components - Best Prices
Pool pump Timeswitches, Motor Control contactor
Saltwater Chlorination Watermaid Australia's 1st. Chlorination system Copied worldwide for both Swimming pools and Spa's Ideal for Excema and psoriasis sufferers

Our Products
Pool HeatingEnvironmentally Friendly, Reliable & Economical Heatpump System
Pool Automation:  Automatic monitoring and control of swimming pool pH and Chlorine
Chemical Free Ionization / Oxidation:  "Low Chem" Ionization and Oxidation system reduces the requirement to add chlorine to your pool, using Copper ionization and Titanium electrodes to Oxidise your pool water making it soft and gentle on your skin

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