Test kits for swimming pools
Instructions for use - included with kit
1. This test uses a double-tube assembly consisting of a calibrated square tube which slides up and down within a larger round tube.
    Remove the square tube and cap and fill the round tube to the top line with the sample water.

2. Add one Cyanuric Acid Tablet (6994). Cap the round tube with solid cap and shake to disintegrate tablet. Disregard solid particles that settle       to the bottom after the tablet disintegrates. Turbidity indicates the presence of cyanuric acid.

3. Replace the solid cap with the square tube cap assembly. The square tube will slide up and down through the cap attachment and will fill with     liquid.

4. Viewing from above, adjust the square tube in the turbid solution until the black dot on its base just disappears. Hold the round tube near the       top with thumb and forefinger to avoid blocking light.

5. Read the height of the liquid in the square tube against the scale on the side of the square tube, which is calibrated directly in parts per million    cyanuric acid. A reading between two values on the scale may be estimated.

For readings above 100 ppm, repeat the test on a diluted sample. Fill the round tube to the lower line with the sample then add tap water to the upper line. Follow Steps 2 through 5 and multiply the test result by 2.

Recommended Optimum Range for Cyanuric Acid is 30-75 ppm. (75 ppm Maximum Allowable level in Spain)   Law
Cyanuric Acid - Chlorine Stabiliser

Cyanuric Acid (chlorine Stabiliser) is required to maintain a residual chlorine level in the pool without running the pool system 24 hours / day.
It is important to ensure you have enough but not too much - Too much will slow the action of Chlorine and in some cases stop it working altogether (Chlorine Lock)
This simple to use test kit should be used every 6~12 months to ensure your Stabiliser levels are maintained within safe limits.
Cyanuric Acid Test Kit Price €54.00 Inc P&P