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Watermaid Europe S.L
Established 2004
Vacuum Entrapment
Professional Installation Services Available
Vac-Alert™ - Anti Entrapment Valve
Vac-Alert provides protection against suction entrapment from Pool, Spa, and Hot tub drains
with our Safety Vacuum Release System

Swimming Pool & Spa Operators / Owners / Managers - Be Aware of your Responsibility
SVRS: Safety Vacuum Release System

Don’t take chances with your Pool or Spa Safety!
The Vac-Alert Safety Vacuum Release System (SVRS) is a non-electrical self-monitoring, low-maintenance safety system that responds in milliseconds to an increase in pump suction created by a swimmer being held by suction on the main drain.
If a swimmer is held onto the main suction drain in a swimming pool, paddling pool or spa, it is not only frightening but can cause drowning.
This effect is known as "Suction Entrapment" and it will hold the swimmer in its grip until the vacuum is broken.
The Vac-Alert’s spring loaded piston reacts quickly, opening to atmosphere and releasing life-threatening system suction.
Once installed, it requires only periodic maintenance.
It has non-corroding PVC and stainless steel construction to ensure long life.


Download Reported Incidents, European Safety Standards
and Guidance for Commercial Pools
Schematic Installation Drawing