We recommend the use of an irrigation timer when PoolFiller is mounted in skimmer box and not
   to place Chlorine tablets in the skimmer box - This is a recommendation whether a PoolFiller is installed or not to prolong the life of the pool pipework etc.

The PoolFiller automatically maintains pool water at preset level.

Pools may lose water for any number of reasons: evaporation from sun and wind; active swimmers splashing water from  the swimming pool and carrying water with them when they emerge; or, a minor leak in the swimming pool itself. 

If the water level drops below the skimmer and causes the pump to run dry, serious damage to the pump motor can occur.

Swimming pool owners must constantly check water levels, turn on the hose to fill the swimming pool and then worry about turning it off before overfilling.

The PoolFiller automatically maintains swimming pool water at preset level.

The PoolFiller is small and easy to use.  Just attach PoolFiller to a good grade garden house, make two simple connections.  Place the unit at poolside, no "ballast" is needed, and turn on the water.

The PoolFiller gives swimming pool owners peace of mind that may only be equaled by having an attendant check the swimming pool frequently.


Easy to install:


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PoolFiller - Automatic Pool Water Level Control System
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€105 Euros - Including Shipping
within Spain
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PoolFiller can be attached to your ladder, free standing or inserted in your skimmer* 
To order the pool filler for installation in the Skimmer Box we need to know the diameter of the lid (unless you will use the existing lid) and cut your own hole in it
We will also need to know the approximate measurement 'A' from the top of the skimmer box to the required water level - normally halfway up the skimmer opening

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