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Watermaid Europe S.L.
Information and Services
We have been based in Mazarron, Murcia on the "Costa Calida" Spain since 2004
With contacts in Australia, USA and across Europe.
Our aim is to bring products to our customers to enhance the quality and standard of swimming pool 
maintenance throughout Europe.
Continually searching for items to make life easier, healthier and safer for us and the environment we live in
Reducing chemical usage and protection of the environment.
Our Company Values are: Commitment to customer service, product quality and reliability designed in with
every product selected, tested for individual merit

Originated in 2004 Watermaid Europe S.L. has a personal interest in providing: 

 Environmentally friendly products.
 Health Enhancing Potential.
 Energy Saving.
 Value for Money Technology.
 Our suppliers are selected with a strong Focus on Customer Service which enables us to perform
    to your expectations

Services include but not limited to:

  • **Free customer information and assistance via email or telephone**

Maintenance of installed systems:
  • Filtration media replacement - Sand or Glass AFM
  • Pump repairs / replacement
  • Lights repair / replace

Watermaid Europe S.L. are Sole importer for ‘Watermaid Saltwater Chlorination Systems’ - Australia’s No.1 Saltwater Chlorination System conceived by ‘Ted Romer’ in the 1960’s as the way forward in sanitizing swimming pools

Quality, Service and Value
We supply products for:
Swimming Pool Sanitization - Watermaid Chlorination System - Alternative to Commercial Chlorine tablets

Swimming Pool Ionization /Oxidation Pure Magic Chemical Free Pool Sanitising System  

Automatic pH / Chlorine control - Automatic chemical monitoring and dosing

PoolFiller - Industrial Automatic water level control virtually Unbreakable

Industrial Water Treatment Watermaid Industrial Chlorination System
Heatpump's - Up to 500% efficient means of heating your swimming pool

Solar Heating - For swimming pools and Domestic hot water

Flocculent Jolly Gel makes your pool water shine with a new clarity

Remote Controls - Switch on your Pool Lighting, Filtration System or garden lighting etc. from your chair

Daisypool Covers - From the leading pool cover manufacturer in Australia - made to measure in Spain

Electrical components - Pool pump timeswitches and motor contactor at competative prices 

If you would like information on any related products please send us an email, we will be pleased to assist in any way we can
Email:- [email protected]
                     Information request form:
We will endeavor to contact you within 48 hours
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Co-Founders of Watermaid Europe S.L.
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Dave            and             Mark
  • Swimming Pool Cleaning
  • Installation of Pool Heating Systems
  • Installation of Saltwater Systems
  • Installation of Ion/Oxidation Systems
  • Installation of Auto-pH Systems
  • General Repairs to pumps / Filtration