April 2008
We were at the Alicante 'Homes & Gardens' Expo 4th, 5th. and 6th.
Both Mark & Myself were kept very busy meeting customers both old and new to discuss all aspects of the different methods of maintaining their swimming pools.

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The theme of enquiries was pool heating, the different methods and how they compared, overall it has to be said that the AngelFire Heatpump was well received with it's compact size, simple but high tech design for simplicity and reliability providing the same energy output as unit half as big again.

The other main topic was pool sanitising, something that we as a company regard as our main object - fueled by the fact that in a survey in Florida out of 100 pools 95% were found to be classified as unfit to swim in.
Why should we change to a Saltwater System?

This is mainly due to poor control of the water balance and in particular pH and too much Chlorine stabiliser - The problems we have is a lack of understanding just how much is enough and how it get's into the pool.
Chlorine stabiliser is dispensed into the pool every time we use a multi-chemical tablet 3in1 ~ 5in1 etc. what should happen is that we use unstabilised chlorine for a period to prevent too much building up in the pool.
In Spanish Public Pools they used to be required to change 5% of the pool water on a daily basis to ensure water balance is maintained - At home we can manage without such drastic measures - Need more Info or See new law introduced in 2013 

July 2008
Over the past couple of years there has been a marked increase in the number of  pool owners who have
become concerned over the amount of chemicals being put in their pool, some with the labels like these:
Saltwater system from Watermaid have been increasing in sales throughout Europe and enable the
informed pool owner a far greater control over what chemicals are in the pool
However some customers have been looking at Ionisation systems, these are not new and we have been
looking into them and researching what actually works - not all systems are the same.
It is clear that most work and there are no requirements for Chlorine at all (not all systems are chlorine free) 
We have therefore decided to included a chosen Ionisation/Oxidation system 
in our product line-up full information is available here: 
October 2008
Introduction of our Pool Maintenance Service to ensure our systems are long lasting and efficient, we also maintain standard pool systems to our well know high standard of customer care.
New product - we are continually looking to expand our product range and to this we introduce our range of Remote Control systems to enable pool lighting, filtration systems or any other electrical items to be controlled from your armchair or sun lounger.
August 2009
Despite the recession and the majority of our customers coming from the UK and more affected by the weaker UK pound we have see a much greater upturn in our business this year, commencing in January with heating and saltwater systems, closely followed with the quick uptake of our fully inclusive pool service and maintenance facilities offering advice and correction to pools which have been over-dosed with chemicals, annual service contracts for products and pools.
We are now covering much greater areas from our base in Mazarron which we feel has been particularly well placed being reasonably central to our customer base along the Costa's.
Advertising has played a great part as well with local free magazines reaching inland to Calasparra and Cehegin we have also attracted customers in those areas as well as Javea, Denia and Granada for installations and service.
Our products have been in demand throughout Europe with sales in Switzerland, Cyprus, United Kingdom, Austria and Turkey to mention just a few.
March 2010
The continuing recession is having an effect on business in Europe generally but even so we have still seen growth in our business with new products and a much larger advertising budget encouraging knowledge and sales.
The autumn and winter period has seen heatpump sales continue to rise and more become aware of the economy and temperatures available for the majority of the year.
Part of our new product line-up has been the introduction last year of AFM (Active Filtration Media)
Manufactured from environmentally sustainable, recycled crushed glass.
Developed from over 1,000,000 € - European investment into filtration media for water treatment - drinking water and waste water with the benefits also applying to our Swimming Pools.
There are several advantages, The main and most important reason to change-out your sand is that once changed it's there for the life of the system, the water is filtered at around 5 microns instead of the 18 ~ 50 microns associated with sand filtration, it's a bit like using a flocculent 365 days of the year with crystal clear "Photographic Quality water" additionally less chemicals are required, less water used on a filtration 'back wash' and health-wise - removal of an environment where bacteria can thrive.
Please read the Reports and get back to us for more details. - Sand Filters need to have the sand replaced every 4~5 years - AFM is there for the life of the system
October 2011
Despite the continued recession affecting the majority of our customers we have still managed to grow our customer base with more Pool Cleaning Contracts to provide a 'Bread & Butter' income to sustain ever growing operating costs.
Our main business "pool systems" still attracts sales interest locally and from around Europe and now Africa where the benefits of swimming pool salt systems are becoming more attractive, more so when people realise the salt content is less than 1/5 of seawater.
Concern locally about using Chlorine tablets in skimmer baskets where pipework has rotted away with the high levels of chlorine caused when the tablets are left to dissolve without the filtration system running.
Chlorine free systems - we are looking to produce a system for next season, our current supply has dried up and the only way forward is in-house manufacture if you have an interest please contact us there will be special offers for more trial pools.
November 2011
Re-introduction of our automatic pool filling valve - PoolFiller this is a compleatly new unit for us based on an industrial application, the new valve is far more rugged than our previous unit and described by the manufacturer as "Virtually Indestrictible" the unit simply connects to a standard garden hose and is then attached to the pool ladder where the pool level can be set as required.
 PoolFiller is available on mail order contact us for shipping outside of Spain 
December 2011
We are now becoming established as an Internet pool systems supplier outside of Spain and the EU with systems being supplied to Africa and off the East Coast of Africa to Mauritius.
With this, the website now has an online facility "Watermaid Shop" accepting secure payments with Paypal to take us forward into 2012
For those we have never met - Here we are!
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Dave            and             Mark
June 2013
Just arrived and installed on trial our latest automation range:
LoChlor Chlorine free system - ION/Oxydation system,
ORP (Oxydation Reduction Potential) measures the bacteria level in the pool and switches ON or OFF the sanitizing system - Ideal for salt water chlorination systems, prolongs the life of salt cells and ensures the pool water is correctly maintained.
Automatic pH system - new compact model to operate in conjunction with the ION/Oxydation system.

December 2012
We now have a full range of replacementquality Salt water Chlorination cells from different manufacturers, Click on this link - Salt Cells
Despite the Spanish economy we have had one of our busiest years work-wise, but sales of value items have been lower than previous years again internet sales outside of Spain have been on the increase and we have supplied components and systems to many areas outside of Europe as well.

July 2012
We are now able to supply electrical components by mail order for your pool system - Timeswitches and Motor Relay / Contactor at competitive prices via the "Watermaid Shop" accepting secure payments with Paypal.
The Pool maintenance side has increased since last year requiring another member of staff to provide our "Guaranteed" Professional service we now maintain 5 x local communal pools along with our private pool service - pool maintenance is tailored to suit individual requirements, those with a Watermaid pool system fitted may require less maintenance than those without
February 2014
​We have added another feature to our popular "PoolFiller" the new model is smaller than previous and has the ability to be installed out of sight within the skimmer box.
"ION/Oxydation" system proved itself through last summer, although not guaranteed 100% Chlorine free, in most cases you would be using only one chlorine tablet every two months - quite a considerable saving plus the benefit of spring-like sparkling soft water, A huge reduction in unnecessary chemicals including Cyanuric Acid (Chlorine Stabiliser) reducing damage to the pool structure
December 2014
This past year has seen a substantial rise in our Pool Cleaning contract awards with increase in the maintenance of public / communal pools.
The introduction of the new Spanish swimming pool LAW regarding maintenance and quality control parameters being adhered to, which we have always tried to work within - this is now recognised that to be compliant you need automatic control and regulation ORP and Automatic pH control 
For communal / public pools a new range of systems has been prepared to ensure compliance and we have seen a positive interest in these also for the domestic market - the outlay is prominent but there are savings and additional benefits linked to health and pool structure life maintenance overall running costs will not increase with the additional benefits - a reasonable saving in time and chemical costs will be made.
Pool heating has also seen an increase this last couple of months along with reports of property sales increasing.
December 2016
Still good growth in routine pool cleaning business, a few problem pools with excessive amounts of Cyanuric Acid due to the use of Stabilised Chlorine chemicals and not enough removal /exchange of water to retain low levels of Cyanuric Acid , the problem is the excessive Stabiliser slows down or even stops the Chlorine.
The new LED Lighting is going well, Halogen lights are starting to phase out and the latest LED lights  with colour sequencing, reliability and long life it makes sense when the old lamps fail to replace with the LED's.
Our customers have been asking for several years if we supply House Filtration.... the answer was No we Do Not.!.
Finally the cent has dropped and now we say Yes We Do..!! House Filtration Systems I suppose it follows on with the name "Watermaid" the page for House Filtration now complete with all currently available products, as usual if you have a question please ask.

March 2016
15 months since my last entry, not too much has changed apart from half way through 2015 there was a noticeable upturn in business sales of Pool Heating and LED lighting (which is a new introduction awaiting a page on that) and locally the Pool Cleaning side has seen further increases in customer growth, LED lighting in the home is now becoming the established choice - long life and low energy consumption.
For swimming pools the original Halogen pool lights of 100W & 300W are being substituted with 16W / 35W equivalents with long life expectancy, Colour Changing LED's are coming in and availability getting better with costs coming down all the time, relatively simple to retro-fit to existing systems. The more expensive systems allow synchronisation both in the pool and garden lighting where required, can be just Colour changing in sequence or sound to light - whatever takes your fancy we can install.
Please remember if you have any questions on Swimming pools we are happy to answer them - Drop us an enquiry...... if we can't help we know a man who can!
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With the the fall of temperatures and the arrival of autumn, it is common that questions arise about how to heat the pool efficiently . When is it preferable to choose an electric heater and at what time a heat pump? In what way can we keep the heat with a cover? We help you to know the basic systems to start preparing your pool for the coldest days. Can you imagine swimming in warm water, when it's just getting dark or even if it's snowing?

Heat pumps

The heat pumps with inverter technology stand out for their ability to heat water silently, achieving lower energy consumption. The latest models, such as the AstralPool Pro Elyo Inverboost NN heat pumps, are highly recommended for heating the water in residential pools, achieving lower energy consumption.

Its energy classification "A" makes it the most efficient on the market because it allows savings of up to 33%, compared to a standard "C" class pump. This is possible because the Inverter technology automatically varies the power, adapting to external atmospheric conditions, and allowing the heat pump to always work at the optimum point. In this line, the Soft Start system manages to avoid voltage peaks at compressor start-up.

The AstralPool Pro Elyo Inverboost NN heat pumps allow to connect to the Fluidra Connect platform , through the Modbus connection protocol and are specially designed to obtain the best performance in the most adverse weather conditions.
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