How Does a Heatpump Work
Heat pumps are by no means a strange invention. Similar in operation to a refrigerator, they absorb energy in the form of heat and moisture from outside air, upgrading this energy to a usable form of heat through the unique ability of their refrigeration circuit. 

Heat Pump Efficiency

The diagram below illustrates the way in which a heat pump absorbs, upgrades and transfers heat from outside air to swimming pool water.

Up to 500% Efficiency. No boiler or electric heater can exceed 100%.

A conventional pool heating unit would only put like for like - so 10Kw of energy in your pool would be 10Kw. Consumption

A heat pump could give up to eight extra units for only two paid for units depending on ambient temperatures

This is without doubt the next most economical and convenient method to heat a swimming pool after Solar Heating with relatively easy Installation and lower initial outlay. 
With an almost guaranteed source of reliable heat when you want it with the ability to operate even on cloudy days in all seasons – subject to ambient air temperature > 5 deg.C. (* Low temperature model available - "AngelFire reversible" operates at -10C )

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps
Heating your swimming pool with a  heat pump could not be more straightforward and economic. At a cost that won't spoil the enjoyment you, not the weather will be in control, ensuring your pool will always be at just the right temperature even when the sun isn't shining.

  • Heat pumps can provide up to five units of energy to the pool for everyone unit paid for. 
  • Heat pumps require no complicated gas supply oil tanks or flues. 
  • Heat pumps will operate from small capacity electrical supplies. 
  • Heat pumps are easy to install, quiet in operation and as a result of their design, inherently reliable. 
  • Heat pumps are fully automatic - all you have to do is set the thermostat to your required pool temperature. 

Swimming pool heating
A Heat pump extracts free energy from outside air over a variety of temperatures from 5°C to 40°C. (-10C with reversible model) This energy is harnessed by the heat pump for water heating, units incorporating suitable heat exchangers. Since only a small amount of electrical energy is required, heating output can be up to 5 times electrical input i.e. 

Pool Heatpump installation showing connections for automatic Dosing systems

New AngelFire Heatpump Specifications

Explanation Example - C.O.P. "Coefficient of Performance" 

A geothermal heat pump operating at COP-{heating} 6.5 provides 6.5 units of heat for each unit of energy consumed (i.e. 1 kWh consumed would provide 6.5 kWh of output heat). The output heat comes from both the heat source and 1 kWh of input energy, so the heat-source is cooled by 5.5 kWh, not 6.5 kWh.

Given the same energy source and operating conditions, a higher COP heat pump will consume less purchased energy than one with a lower COP. The overall environmental impact of a heating or air conditioning installation depends on the source of energy used as well as the COP of the equipment. The operating cost to the consumer depends on the cost of energy as well as the COP or efficiency of the unit. Some areas provide two or more sources of energy, for example, natural gas and electricity. A high COP of a heat pump may not entirely overcome a relatively high cost for electricity compared with the same heating value from natural gas.

A pool heater is a long-term investment to help you maximize your investment and extend the enjoyment of your pool to all year round use. 
The heat pump pool heater choice is becoming very popular because it offers many important features and significant operating cost savings versus other pool heaters.  
Lowest operating cost
Heat pump pool heaters are economical to operate.  
They only require energy to operate a fan motor and a compressor, using low amperage in the process.  They are the most energy efficient pool heaters on the market; 2 to 4 times better than gas and 4 times better than electricity. 
Operating a heat pump could help you save up to 80% over propane gas, 50% over natural gas and over 400% over an electrical heater.
                       HEAT EXCHANGER
Pool-Safe heat exchangers are designed specifically for swimming pool heatpumps. These heat exchangers are built with high performance Titanium for the inner tube and a high quality plastic for the jacket, which will withstand the effects of chlorides and other chemicals found in pool water.

The high natural resistance of both chemicals makes this the ideal heat exchanger for any pool or Spa application
Sol Liquid is the only heat pump manufacturer that offers all their heat pump models equipped in titanium, allowing for a greater performance and reliability for their clients.

Pool-Safe Titanium Heat Exchanger - Some model may vary

All With - Lifetime Warranty - 15 years
Auto Digital Control Panel
Click on the 'Thumbnail' to see a larger image
Typical installation
Note: Model specifications may differ slightly
Easy to operate
In automatic mode simply program your temperature control to your desired pool water temperature ( normally 27-30Deg.C ) and let the heat pump do the rest.  
-  It will defrost automatically when needed - Auto Reverse Model.
-  It will automatically stop when the desired water temperature is reached, or if the water flow is cut - All models to our Specification. 
-  It will resist virtually all weather conditions. 
Built to last
Selection of durable components, the use of a better weather resistant protective coating and extra 
sturdy ABS cabinets are some of the new elements, which permit a heat pump pool heater to better resist the most difficult weather conditions.  
New protection technology
-  New Titanium Pool-Safe heat exchanger, designed by Turbotec  – 
   Manufacturing heat transfer systems for over 35 years in Connecticut. USA ( to be the most resiliant and robust on the    market.
-  High quality and reliable scroll compressor
-  Special rustproof cabinet material selected to extend durability.

In addition, heat pump pool heaters maintain their efficiency throughout their life expectancy.
Which can be twice (up to 20 years plus) that of a fossil fuel heater
Safe and secure
A heat pump pool heater uses safe and clean electrical energy. The cabinets are designed to protect against intrusion. 
All heat pump pool heaters are environmentally safe, using clean energy and using no oil or gas fuel.  
Easy maintenance
 The user just needs to clean the evaporator periodically using water from the garden hose equipped with a nozzle. 
Easy winterizing (In areas where frost is common *) by evacuating water with an air blower and filling the heat exchanger with the appropriate anti-freeze. 

* Low temperature model available - AngelFire "Reversible" operates at -10C ensuring a warm pool all year round
With a 23°C daytime temperature  in winter you can now enjoy your pool at 30°C which would normally be at 10 - 15°C
Pool Temp
Pool Temp
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Note: The indicated power 7kW - 35kW is the power "OUTPUT" 
not power"CONSUMPTION"
Example the 17.3kW model M2 consumes 2.75kW which could be on 
Off-Peak electricity at Half Price