Easy to operate
In automatic mode simply program your temperature control to your desired pool water temperature
( normally 27-30Deg.C ) and let the heat pump do the rest.

Economical - Heatpump technology is one of the most reliable and economical means of heating your pool.
Providing up to 6 times more heat energy output than the equivalent electrical energy being consumed to run the heater.

High Specification:
  • All models are Auto Reverse they will automatically defrost when needed - Operational down to -10°C
  • Digital "Auto-Heat" control will automatically stop when the desired water temperature is reached, test and start again when the temperature has dropped
  • It will resist virtually all weather conditions                
More info, Specifications etc.                    

In addition, Heatpump Pool Heaters maintain their efficiency throughout their life expectancy.

 AngelFire "Reversible Heatpumps" operates at -10C ensuring a warm pool all year round
With a 23°C daytime temperature  in winter you can now enjoy your pool at 30°C which would normally be at 10 - 15°C

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Pool Temp
Pool Temp
Built to last
Selection of durable components, the use of a better weather resistant protective coating and extra 
sturdy ABS cabinets are some of the new elements, which permit a heat pump pool heater to better resist the most difficult weather conditions
  - 15 Year Warranty on the heat Exchanger

​Safe and secure
A heat pump pool heater uses safe and clean electrical energy. The cabinets are designed to protect against intrusion. 
All heat pump pool heaters are environmentally safe, using clean energy and using no oil or gas fuel.

Easy maintenance
 The user just needs to clean the evaporator periodically using water from the garden hose equipped with a nozzle
Easy winterizing (In areas where frost is common *) by evacuating water with an air blower and filling the heat exchanger with the appropriate anti-freeze. 

We have been supplying AngelFire Pool Heater for over 10 years

Model Range:
M1 -  Maximum Pool volume 65 M3  - C.O.P = 6.9
M2 -  Maximum Pool volume 90 M3  - C.O.P = 6.3
M3 -  Maximum Pool volume 107 M3 - C.O.P = 6.5        More info, Specifications etc.
M4 -  Maximum Pool volume 140 M3 - C.O.P = 6.5
M5 -  Maximum Pool volume 170 M3 - C.O.P = 6.9
in Canada
M4 Model Shown
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