The WATERMAID Power Pack converts the mains voltage (110VAC / 220VAC / 240VAC) to a Safe, Low, DC  Voltage (8 - 10 volts DC) that is supplied to the Electrolytic Cell.

The WATERMAID Power Supply has Easy-to-Read Chlorine control output monitor and and - adjustment Chlorine output buttons.

All WATERMAID Power Supplies are manufactured with Self Cleaning Cell Features as Standard.

The WATERMAID Cell is supplied a Safe, Low, DC  Voltage from the Power Supply. As mild saline pool water is passed over the electrodes inside the cell, 100% Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCL, Liquid Chlorine) is produced and dispersed into the flowing filtered water, back to the pool or spa. 

The WATERMAID, Salt Water Chlorinator makes its own on-site chlorine for swimming pools by converting mild saline pool water (about 1/6th the concentration of seawater) into chlorine. 

The saline water is electrolyzed as it passes through the WATERMAID cell. As this happens, 100% (NaOCl) Sodium Hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) is produced for your swimming pool.

One of the best features of this electrolytic process is that the salt continuously recycles itself. Adding salt is infrequent, normally in outdoor pools about once or twice a year; indoor pools require less frequent additions
Air quality immediately improves for indoor pools as well when the salt system is utilized

Sodium Hypochlorite is chlorine in a usable form which purifies and sterilizes the water.
As each drop of water passes through the filtration system and the Watermaid cell it is 'Super Chlorinated' this process 'burns-up' the Chloromines - It is the Chloromines that give your pool a chlorine smell and with a tablet system you need to regularly 'Super Chlorinate' to ensure a healthy pool, free from bacteria - With the Watermaid system this is a continuous part of the process where the level of Chlorine is much more concentrated in the cell they is less reason to require Super Chlorinating your pool - in some cases where the bather load is particularly heavy of sun cream is being used and not removed before bathing it can be necessary to run the system for longer periods to burn off those contaminates

Pools are a breeding ground for bacteria, the main cause being the actual swimmers. Other causes are untreated water from rain, or topping up as well as any debris such as leaves.

Bacteria can cause illnesses ranging from ear, nose and throat infections to serious diseases like meningitis.

The most common way of protecting pools from bacteria is the use of chlorine. There are four ways of administering it: granular, tablet, liquid, and via a salt chlorinator. Each method gives the same result; all you need to do is pick a method in line with your budget and lifestyle.

Chlorine kills bacteria by oxidizing (essentially 'burning') them. You need to maintain a level of 'free' chlorine in your pool to kill any new bacteria, 1-3 parts per million. However, the chlorine level is not constant. 
A by-product of the oxidizing reaction is Chloromines a half-oxidised pollutant. If there's not enough free chlorine, then all the chlorine will react to become Chloromines.

It is the Chloromines that give your pool a chlorine smell, or the stinging sensation in bathers' eyes indicating a low level of chlorine, not a high one. The way to get rid of and prevent Chloromines is to regularly 'superchlorinate' adding three or four times the daily amount of chlorine. It's best done in the evening and staying out of the pool overnight.

Benefits for the Pool Owner

Increase Pool Ownership Satisfaction:
  • Never buy, transport and store chlorine again
  • Softer, silky feeling water - Better on your skin and hair - all our customers comment on the feel of the water
  • No more red eyes - No staining of clothing 
  • No chlorine odor 
  • Automatically solves most of your water chemistry problems 
  • Sanitizes your pool every day, Automatically - No vacation worries

Protect your pool finish investment by:
  • Better water chemistry management - day in day out 
  • No algae growth to stain your surface 
  • Continuous super chlorination eliminates need for harsh chemical shocking 
  • Produces close to neutral pH to prevent radical shifts in water balance

Increase safety for your family:
  • No handling or storage of harsh chlorine products 
  • Continuous in-line super chlorination guarantees healthy water 
  • No caustic by-products

Easier pool maintenance:
  • Ease of operation - chemical regulation at your fingertips 
  • Water balance is more stable - virtually eliminates the need for super-chlorination, algaecides and other support chemicals

Are you wondering about putting salt in your pool? 
The Watermaid Saltwater Sanitizing System requires a salt level of 4,000 to 6,000 parts per million (ppm) for operation?

Compare that to:
  • Sea Water @ 35,000 parts per million (ppm) 
  • Human Body @ 4,000 parts per million (ppm) 
  • Saline Solution for contact lenses @ 6,000 parts per million (ppm) 

Four parts per million of Chlorine is ten times as corrosive on stainless steel than 4000 parts per million of salt. 
Watermaid Sanitizing Systems operates at 5,000 parts per million (ppm)

Watermaid Saltwater Chlorination - How does it Work?
Leaders in swimming pool sanitising since 1971
As the water passes through the cell it is super chlorinated
Typical Installation
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