How We Purify Your Water

Laboratory and field tests show that 'Low Chem' technology uses four of the strongest species of oxygen to 
purify and oxidize your water.

The scientific principles are known as ANODICAL OXIDATION or HYDROLYSIS. The purification process
begins by directing a low voltage charge to high density, non-reactive titanium electrodes housed in a contact
chamber and installed in the plumbing of your swimming pool.

As the water flows over the electrodes direct current separates the hydrogen from the oxygen in the water 
molecule, creating free radicals. 

These free radicals stay in this state for approximately a nano-second, then recombine forming four species of 
known safe oxidizers. 

As you can see from the chart on the right HYDROXYL is the second strongest oxidizer known to science and 
along with hydrogen peroxide, nascent oxygen and oxygen its easy to see what makes the 'Low Chem' system 
unsurpassed in performance and quality.

The 'Low Chem' process of hydrolysis also creates flocculation. Flocculation is the process where the small particles of debris in your water stick together to create larger particles, which in turn makes it easier for these particles to be filtered out. Flocculation makes your filter much more efficient.

Copper Ionization:
Copper is a well known algaecide and bactericide. The use of this metal to keep water clean is not new. An early and very simple application was the practice of putting copper coins into drinking water barrels in the days of wagon trains. This helped to keep the drinking water healthy. Today the use of these metals is widespread and highly advanced as is the equipment used to produce them for water treatment. 

Copper ions have the ability to pierce the protective outer membrane of a cell and disrupt enzyme balance there by killing algae and it is effective on bacteria and viruses because of its capabilities of interfering with DNA production and accelerating the death phase. Although lethal to bacteria and algae, this process is completely safe for humans. A multitude of scientific tests have been done proving the effectiveness of copper ion systems in spas pools and tap water applications. Today the use of copper is widespread and highly successful.

Today's new technologies have done wonders to make your lifestyle much more enjoyable. The 'Low Chem' systems are just another one of these marvelous developments which has made pool and spa operation safer, easier, and much less expensive and also makes your tap water safer and healthier. If you don't have a 'Low Chem' system, it's like you are still moving around in a horse drawn carriage. It's time to cut the reins and jump into the fast lane of water purification. Then you can lay back, relax and really enjoy your pool spa or home water. 

Micro organisms tested against Ionisation equipment

(Some information gathered from public domain)

This specially designed combination sensor system allow for optimum Ph control with safer dispensing of acid.
Ph is the most important water balance parameter in supporting sanitizers and algae kill. In short "bad Ph means bad sanitation". The 'Low Chem' ION/OXYdation and pH system will save you time and money.

​Why is pH so Important?
We can see from scientific studied how ionisation systems are affected by High Level pH in our pool water, the chart below shows just how important it is to ensure pH is firmly held under control and unless you are able to test, measure and dose your pool with exactly the correct amount of pH + or - at least every day then you must consider an automatic system

'Low Chem' water treatment systems are guaranteed to reduce or eliminate the use of Chlorine, Salt, and other toxic chemicals in your pool spa or home. Read on and discover why 'Low Chem' is becoming the healthy preferred method of water treatment around the world.
We are sure you would like to reduce or eliminate the use of dangerous chemicals in your pool spa or home and save time and money.
'Low Chem' chemical free water treatment systems will do just that. Our complete line of state of the art electronic Oxidizers and Sanitizers will eliminate or reduce the daily use of chlorine, bromine, acids, salt and other dangerous chemicals, giving you crystal clear water and a low maintenance pool, spa or home for years to come. All 'Low Chem' systems come with step by step instructions and the best warranty in the industry.
Just Imagine - No More: burning or itchy eyes, algae problems, dried out skin, faded swim suits, green hair, bad odors, excessive mineral deposits, frequent trips to the pool supply store, and best of all, no more health-hazards or money wasted.

Click on thumbnail to enlarge
✔ Legionella Pneumophila                   ✔ Poliovirus Type 1
✔ Staphylococcus Aureus                   ✔ Endomoeba Histoltica
✔ Salmonella                                     ✔ Escherichia Coli
✔ Strepococcus Faecalis                     ✔ Adenovirus
✔ Bacillus Typhosus                          ✔ Yersina Enterocolitica
✔ Herpesvirus 1 & 2                          ✔ B. Subtilis
✔ Influenzae A                                  ✔ Flavobacterium SP (116)
✔ Pseudomonas Aeruginosa               ✔ Bovine Rotavirus
✔ Bacteriophage MS-2                       ✔ Pseudorabies Viruses
+ Crystal clear water + Cheapest way to maintain your pool
+ Reduced / No toxic chemicals + Reduces scale  
+ Softens your water + Simple to operate  
+ No stinging eyes    + Reduces pool maintenance  

'Low Chem' ION/OXYdation system
Dramatically Reduces Chemical requirements over other systems, producing soft spring-like water 
Low Chem
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