We are able to offer an excellent Structural Repair, Leak Detection and Renovation Service

​Leak Detection

As pools get older and with the unregulated use of Chlorine control not only does the tile grout require removal / replacement
but the pool plumbing can start to degrade, especially where Flexible Tubing has been used in the filtration circulation system.

Where the Chlorine tablet has been placed in the skimmer basket this causes most problems as the flexible tube components
degrade leading to leaks or blocked pipework.
Earth movement and structural settlement also play a part in failure of the pipework

We have invested in the equipment to test and locate the cause of your water loss:

        Complete Pro-Leak Test Kit                      This is how we Pressure Test                    This is how we can"Pinpoint"
                                                                                  your System                                         The Location of a Leak

Our LeakTronics equipment is made to make finding pool leaks simple; Just put the mic in the pool! 95% of all leaks are 
located within a 5ft radius of the pool. Dropping in our hyper sensitive PoolScope we can listen to all protrusions, lights, 
skimmer seams, skimmer suctions, main drains, side suctions, spa jets, spa lights, etc.

Using the PoolScope, we can also hear leaks in structural cracks. The weight of the water pushing through the crack will create a sound that is 
picked up by our scope. As our pool scope gets closer to the actual leak the noise will become louder!

For more information on Pool Refurbishment, Tile Replacement or Leak Testing etc. Please Contact us: 

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