Why should I consider glass filtration medium, Why not use sand?
  13 Good reasons to consider Recycled Glass Filtration medium

  1.  30% to 80%  better performance than sand = Clearer pool water without using flocculates
  2.  Self sterilizing does not become biofouled 
  3.  Almost eliminate trichloramine and THM`s 
  4.  Effective barrier against cryptosporidium 
  5.  Reduce Legionella and MRSA  levels 
  6.  Excellent for iron and manganese removal 
  7.  Lowers DOC ( dissolved organic carbon) 
  8.  Can remove some toxic prescribed substances 
  9.  Up to 70% saving of back-wash water 
10.  Reduce pumping costs ( lower delta P) 
11.  100% environmentally sustainable 
12.  Filter performance is stable and predictable 
13. Lasts up to 4 times longer than Sand

More information - Technical or Contact us for a Professional Replacement Service
Download - How to Replace my Sand
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Why Change the Sand in My Filter? 

More information - Technical or Contact us for a Professional Replacement Service

Like all filters, Swimming pool Sand Filters require to have the filtration medium replaced at regular intervals to maintain the clarity of the water and the healthy sanitising of the swimming pool.
The normal time to replace the sand in your filter is between 4~5 years.
With Glass medium it is expected that the life of the Glass filtration medium will be for the life of the filter itself, four times as longer than sand - up to 20 years.
With this in mind and the fact that Glass Filtration Medium is by far the most efficient filtration medium it makes good economic sense to replace sand with  Eco Glass Filter Medium 
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