LED Pool Lighting - White and Multi-Colour 

Up until now, LED pool lights haven’t been as popular as halogen pool lights.
And for good reason. Halogen lights have been much cheaper, brighter & easy to service.

LED pool lighting technology has come a long long way in the last 5 years.
In fact LED lights are revolutionising all lighting applications including swimming pools.
They are now cost effective to produce, have high light output and use a fraction of the amount of energy
as traditional lights. There really is no good reason not to choose LED lights.

LED swimming pool lights are made up of many LEDs inside them. Many consumers think that lights containing
more LEDs must be brighter.

Upgrading to a LED light is possible for most pools. Providing there is enough excess cable to lift
the light out of the water, you probably won’t even need to lower the water level to do it!

Some LED pool lights come with a special universal bracket which allows the new light to be
screwed on without the need for new holes to be drilled in the wall of the pool. If you can get a light
like this, it will make the job extremely easy.

After you screw the light to the pool wall, the only other thing that needs to be done is to connect
the existing cable to the new light. This can be done in one of two ways.

Some lights have terminals on them. You’ll need to open the terminal housing, strip the ends off 
the old cable and then screw the cable into the terminals.

The other method is by using a wire splice kit which sometimes comes with the light. 
You simply join the old cable ends to the cable that came with your new light.

The lifespan of the LEDs in pool lights can be 50,000 to 70,000 hours
(23 to 30 years using 6 hours per day). This is much longer than the lifespan of halogen lamps (which often need replacing every season).

Many of the new LED lights allow you to easily change the colour of the light – some have 16 different colours or more (from white to purple to green). 
This is done with the remote control or on the light controller that came with the light.

Remote or Smartphone App
Some LED swimming pool lights come with a remote control allowing you to turn the light on or off or change the colour with the press of a button.
Premium models can even be controlled from your Smartphone with an app.!

Upgrading from halogen. The wattage specifications will be on the existing transformer and in the instructions of the new light, normally the existing transformer is more than adequate

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30 Watt PAR56 LED RGB (Colour Changing) replacement for 300W halogen lamp - 
Niche fitting Replacement for  Astralpool €133.00 Each (Including shipping in Spain)
Note! - Requires controller for colour sequencing etc.                                       

30 Watt PAR56 LED White replacement for 300W halogen lamp - 
Niche fitting Replacement for Astralpool €133.00 Each (Including shipping in Spain)

   For more information or help - Contact Us

Flush Fitting LED RGB (Colour Changing) replacement for 100W halogen lamp - 
Flush fitting Replacement for Astralpool €116.00 Each. (Including shipping in Spain)
                Note! - Requires controller for colour sequencing etc.

Flush Fitting LED White replacement for 100W halogen lamp - 
Flush fitting Replacement for Astralpool €116.00 Each (Including shipping in Spain)

Controller + Remote control for LED RGB lighting systems (Colour Changing)                              
€181.50 Each  (Including shipping in Spain)

                                                                                                          For more information or help - Contact Us

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