Add Remote Control 
To your pool pump and lighting or any other items around the home

With our range of easily installed remote control switches

Features:                                                                           Now with PayPal
  • Wireless control, easy to install. 
  • Control Lights, TV’s, Motors, Fans, Cameras, Video signals, Audio signals, 
  • Electric Doors/ Locks/ Windows/ Curtains/ Cars or Other Appliances with voltage AC 200~240V / 100~240V. 
  • You can turn on/off the receiver with transmitter (remote control) from anywhere within range, the wireless signal can pass through walls, floors and doors. 
  • Reliable control: The transmitter (Encoding) and the receiver (Decoding) use an 8-bit code. 
  • One/several transmitters can control one/several receivers. 
  • If you use two or more receivers in same place, you can set them with different codes. 
  • Transmitting Frequency: 315MHz / 433MHz.

Operation for S2T-AC220 / 110: 
  • Control Mode: Toggle (Press = On, Press again = Off) 
  • Use 2 button remote controller: C-2/ C-2-1 
        1) Press button 1: Turn on relay 1, terminals 3 and 4 output AC power.
        2) Press button 1 again: Turn off relay 1, terminals 3 and 4 no output.
        3) Press button 2: Turn on relay 2, terminals 3 and 5 output AC power.
        4) Press button 2 again: Turn off relay 2, terminals 3 and 5 no output. 

  • Model No.: S2-AC220 / 110
  • Channel: 2 CH
  • Decode: Fixed code, Soldering 
  • Power Supply (Operating Voltage): AC 200~240V / AC 100~240V 
  • Relay contacts: 20A/125VAC or 10A / 250VAC
  • Work Voltage Range of Relay: AC 200~240V / AC 100~240V 
  • Receiver Board Size: 80mm x 35mm x 14mm 
  • Receiver Box Size: 100mm x 40mm x 24mm 

Remote Control Description: 
  • Control Mode: Toggle (Press = On; Press again = Off) 
  • Dimension: 58mm x 39mm x 16mm
  • Frequency: 315MHz / 433MHz 
  • Remote Control Distance: 100m / 300ft 
  • Color: Wood Color - alternatives available - White / Black
  • Encode: Fixed code, Soldering 
  • Antenna: With antenna 
  • Channels x 2
  • Power Supply: 1 x 23A -12V battery up to 12 months use.

2 Channel Circuit board with receiver
Case with Receiver and circuit board contained
230V a.c

230V a.c
Example of connections for remote control receiver
38 Euros
There are many other models available up to 15 channels and all very competitvly priced for example this 2 x channel 230 V a.c Mains model is available for just 38 Euros including P&P - Pay with

Note these items should be connected by an electrically competant person or a qualified electrician

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