Product and Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

We provide routine maintenance services as recommended by the manufacturer for all products we supply this can be weekly, two weekly, monthly, six monthly and annual.
This is extended to systems from other manufacturers but we will not be held responsible for problems relating to availability of spare components from other manufacturers should they be required.

We also supply routine Once a week, Twice a Week, Monthly, Twice Monthly, Six Monthly and Annual service for pool cleaning and maintenance - 
We manage all aspects of swimming pool maintenance - Electrical problems, Plumbing and Structural repairs - Complete Renovations - Site management and quality control for new build and renovations

Built around your own situation and requirements - e.g. Holiday visits to check and maintain while you are away
Pool maintenance is carried out using nationally approved guidelines and procedures to ensure minimum risk of bacteria 
growth and infections from poorly maintained pool water balance.
We can tailor our services to your particular requirements - especially beneficial to holiday
home owners where the maintenance needs to be maximised during occupation and minimised when unoccupied

Swimming Pool Cleaning 

Our Regular maintenance includes:  (Guaranteed clear pool - Service - (Excluding misuse)
  • Maintenance check of any Automated systems - Saltwater chlorination - IonOxidation - Auto-pH - Auto-Chlorine dosing etc.
  • Sweep pool bottom and sides - Essential to discourage Algae and Bacteria from living behind the 'Biofilm' slippery membrane.
  • Vacuum pool bottom
  • Check and adjust chemical balance Chlorine, pH, Salt and adjust as required.
  • Check and adjust filtration timer for the seasons of the year as required.
  • All tests and comments recorded on pool maintenance record for customers reference.

Please contact us for a price quotation on our regular pool cleaning service

Service Charges for maintenance of systems (Not Pool Cleaning):
Local service visit Mazarron Area (10km Camposol) €30.00 to include 30 minutes labour additional time charged at €15.00 per employee hour + IVA.
Service calls outside Mazarron area:
  • Travel charged at additional €35.00 /100km - Return trip - Pro-rata (Time & Fuel Included) 
  • Travel greater than 200km from Mazarron please request quote

Services include but not limited to:​
  • Swimming Pool Cleaning
  • Supply and Installation of Pool Heating Systems
  • Supply and Installation of Saltwater Systems
  • Supply and Installation of Ion/Oxidation Systems
  • Supply and Installation of Auto-pH Systems
  • General Repairs to Pumps and Filtration
  • Leak detection and repairs
  • Repairs to pool structure and Pipework / skimmers etc.
  • Supply and Repairs to Pool Lighting and Electrical problems

Annual Pool Cleaning Schedules

1)Premium Cover (suitable for rental / residential)
Twice weekly 1st May – 30th.Sept
Once weekly Apr & Oct
Twice monthly 1st. Nov – 31st.March

By Bank Transfer / Cash / Cost  
* Credit Card / PayPal (No PayPal account required)
 ** Contains our Clear Pool Warranty **

2)Standard Cover
Once weekly all year
By Bank Transfer / Cash / Cost
* Credit Card / PayPal (No PayPal account required)

3)Basic minimum Cover (suitable for low use pools)
Once weekly Apr-Oct
Twice monthly Nov-Mar

By Bank Transfer / Cash / Cost
* Credit Card / PayPal (No PayPal account required)

All above cleaning services include all Labour, Chemicals and IVA.

Service Is not yet available in all areas but if we install a system we provide service facility

Interested pool service technicians can apply to be trained and registered to provide service on our systems

Our Sales, Service and Product Maintenance Policy
You should expect our service to be second to none!

If we can assist with advice on any particular product not necessarily stocked by ourselves but within 
our product category please Contact Us

Experts available on all products that we supply.

All order requests are attended to as soon as they are received and checked, confirmed to ensure requirements are met. 

Credit cards accepted through our online PayPal secure account       

Supplying you with your purchase is our pleasure. Alternative payment methods available on request

Delivery - World Wide - EXPRESS Service available upon request - Visit our online shops

We will inform of your delivery date and provide tracking details when requested taking note of any special requirements.

Our suppliers are selected for their focus on customer service, quality and value.
Contacting Watermaid Europe

For non urgent enquiries it is preferable to use our online Contact form which will appear as a priority in
our email inbox where we can answer your query with accuracy and attachments to assist your request

For more urgent inquiries you may telephone: 646 705 088 or 636 698 501

Email: [email protected]

For more information relating to maintenance please contact us

Please note that payments made via Credit Card / PayPal attract a 4% levy on the payment we receive.
The vast majority of our sales are via Bank Transfer or cash which attracts no levy and are therefore less.
However when changing currency you may find PayPal offer a better exchange rate service overall
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