Automate your Pool Sanitizing & Heating

Chlorine dosing: We all know the most cost effective method to sanitize swimming pool water is to use Chlorine
The most common method used has been multi-chemical tablets. These slowly dissolve releasing Chlorine into the water.
Problem: they also contain Cyanuric acid to stabilize the Chlorine - This needs to be limited to around 30ppm (Parts per million)
Continued use will overdose the pool with Cyanuric Acid (Banned in some states in the USA) so to use commercial chemicals we need to either use Stabilised for a short time and then change to unstabilised or use unstabilised and once a year check and adjust stabiliser level to ensure we only have the correct amount to reduce any harmful side effects.
In Australia the solution was simple - Ted Romer invented the Watermaid System in the 1960's to remove the requirement to purchase or add commercial Chlorine.
His system manufactures unstabilised Chlorine from natural sea salt which provides a much healthier swimming environment, kinder to skin, eyes and hair - extremely beneficial for people with sensitive skin, psoriasis or eczema.
You still add Cyanuric Acid but it is controlled well within regarded safe limits - you know exactly what chemicals are in your pool.

Option One:

Chlorination - Chlorine manufactured from
a small amount of salt (1/5th. of seawater) 
added to your pool

Option Two:

pH Control

Maintaining the pool pH within the correct parameters 7.2~7.8  is not as simple as it may seem as those that check it regularly will know.

From the chart (Right) it can be seen that as the pH rises, a common problem with most
pools, chlorine becomes almost totally ineffective.
When the pH is 8.0 chlorine is only 22% effective and at 8.5 only 8% effective.
Factors Affecting the Longevity of Oxidizers (Sanitisers):
Bathing load : The greater the number of swimmers who use your pool, the more 
disinfectant you will need.
Sunlight : The greater the sun’s intensity, the faster the dissipation of the oxidizer “residual”. 
The loss of chlorine caused by sunlight can be minimised by “stabilizing” the pool water with 
Cyanuric acid or by using a chlorinated Cyanuric chemical on a daily basis.
Water Temperature : The warmer the pool’s water, the shorter the life of most chemicals 
used as oxidizer. This process is greatly accelerated when water temperature exceeds 
85 degrees.F
Wind and rain : These elements carry dust, bacteria, algae spores and other debris into 
the pool, thus overworking chemical oxidizer and reducing their power to sanitize. 
This effect is increased when there are many shrubs and trees near the pool.
pH balance : As the pH of the pool rises, oxidizer action slows down. More oxidizer must then be added to maintain proper sanitization.
The ideal pH range is between 7.2 and 7.6.
Total Alkalinity : If total alkalinity is low (below 80), the pH of the pool water may fluctuate widely . If the alkalinity is too high (above 140 ppm), it will tend to maintain pH at a higher level, thereby slowing the activity of the oxidizer.

Typical installation of an automatic pH system with Watermaid Chlorination and as an addition the AngelFire heatpump
which automatically maintains your pool to your desired temperature

Astralpool automatic dosing pump can maintain pH or Chlorine

Using this unit instead of a Saltwater Chlorinator to produce Chlorine
would require that you purchased liquid Chlorine and would produce
similar results to a Saltwater Chlorination system but the overall
running costs would be greater
An Auto-pH / Chlorine system has a storage tanks for each chemical and
maintenance is reduced to checking chemical levels and routine
6 monthly / annual cleaning of the sensors and injection points.

Option Three:

Automatic Backwash

Systems are available to automatically sense when your filtration system should be backwashed.
The standard 'Multi-port' valve is replaced with an automatic valve and sensors ensuring that filtration is maintained at recommended levels. 
For more information please:

Couple all three options with an automatic pool cleaner and you can really enjoy your pool
and get the most from your investment

The patented 'venturi' cell design enables simple installation and easy removal for maintenance
This system will sanitise a swimming pool with a water volume up to 150,000 litres - Up to 720 grams/day -more than enough for the average domestic pool
Heatpump installation showing automatic sanitising system installation points

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