​Safety & Security Fencing

A legal requirement in The EU to protect
children and those with disabilities from

​European Child Safety:  Alliance Report

European Standards for:  Public Pools

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Your security seamlessly                                                                                                                                           Economical Flexible Fencing

 Transparency and discretion are the highlights of the Aquatic Serenity range.

Modernity of stainless steel (316 L Marine)                                                                                                                                          
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Nobility of exotic wood

316L - Dual action opening, automatic return.

Transparency and privacy glass to ensure our products a perfect adaptability to all environments and all site configurations.

 Oceanix - Stainless steel swivel

Type of pole: 316L

Type of siding: 8mm tempered glass

Attaching Siding: rings (360 °)

Elevation possible: up to 3 cm per meter

 Atlantek - Wood and Stainless Steel Swivel

Type of pole: Tropical wood treated with sleeves 316L

Type of siding: 8 mm transparent glass temperature

Attaching Siding: rings (360 °)

Elevation possible: up to 3 cm per meter

Secure gates

Type of pole: 316L

Double action lock, Key lock

Automatic return

Etched glass



STANDARD AFNOR NF P90-306 - Protective barriers and means of access to the pool.

5.2 Minimum height
"The minimum height between two points of support, or fulcrum and the lowest part of the upper level of the barrier or means of access must always be less than 1m10."

5.4 Risk of entrapment
"The size" small chest ", corresponding to a child 18 to 24 months, applied to a force of 100N shall not pass between the elements of protective barriers or between the barrier and external elements (maximum spacing between two Points: 102mm). "

5.6 Access to the pool and release system / General
"The means of access may be hinged or sliding down or sideways or turning. When pivoted, the opening should be towards the outside

Legal articles - These are from the French who were amongst the first in Europe to ensure Pool Safety was adhered to

LAW N ° 2003-9 of January 3 on pool safety

Art 1 - Chapter VIII - "Pool Safety"

" Art. L. 128-1. - As of 1 January 2004, in-ground pools unenclosed private or collective use should be provided with a safety standard to prevent the risk of drowning. "

" Art. L. 128-2 - Pool owners unenclosed to individual or collective use, installed before 1 January 2004 must be equipped to 1 January 2006 their pool of a safety standard, subject to there exists that time such a device adaptable to their equipment. "
"In case of rental housing, a safety device must be installed before 1 January 2004."

" Art. L. 152-12 - Non-compliance with Articles L128-1 and L128-2 relating to pool safety is punished by a fine of € 45 000.

For the complete text of legislation, visit www.legifrance.gouv.fr

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